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March 13, 2011

Microsoft has decied–for unknown reasons–to close Microsoft Live Spaces this month!  Therefore, my live space –frontiersciences–will be moving this week to wordpress!


If you want to see the old spaces before it is deleted, have a look at

lthis blog on live spaces moving to wordpress!

September 30, 2010

Ambient Assisted Livintg 2010

September 13, 2010
What is ambient assisted living?? This week, I will be attending the 2010 conference onf Ambient Assisted Living in Odense, Denmark where I will be blogging live.

Track A: Market | Innovation | Economy
Track B: Changing the model of innovation through user engagement
Track C: AAL JP Topics and Basics
Track D: AAL in national and regional politics
Track E: AAL – The Viking Way
Track F: Technology | Platforms | Standards | Interoperability
Track G: Research for AAL purposes
Track R: Robotics enabled Assistive Living
YR.-RISE: YR-RISE Workshop

AAL Forum 2010 Final Programme

Monday the 13th of September

General Assembly AAL Association


Tuesday the 14th of September


Registration opens

Side Events

AAL Association – NCP Meeting




CareNet meeting


Regional Telemedicine Forum meeting


AAL Investment Forum


Wednesday the 15th of September


Registration opens

Side Events


DREAMING Project Midterm Workshop


AAL Investment Forum


CareNet meeting


YR-RISE: A Young Researchers’ and PhDs’ Workshop


Public Welfare Foundation Meeting – Approval Committee meeting


PERSONA Final Workshop


HomeSweetHome – Project Consortium Meeting (Meeting runs until Thursday 13.30)


Offical AAL Forum 2010 – Opening
Chair: Conference Chair: Lena Gustafsson, President of the AAL Association


Lena Gustafsson, President of Ambient Assisted Living Association


Anker Boye, Mayor of the City of Odense


Carl Holst, Chairman of Region of Southern Denmark


Elizabeth Mestheneos, President, AGE Platform Europe


Claus Hjort Frederiksen, Minister of Finance, Denmark


Vice President of the European Commission Neelie Kroes, Commisioner for the Digital Agenda


Official Opening of Expo, Innovation World & AAL Project Village


PL1: High Level Roundtable:
Theme: Economic Crisis – Demographic Challenge – Smart Solutions
Chair: AAL Forum Programme Committee Chair: Claus F. Nielsen

Short Intro:
Chair: AAL Forum Programme Chair: Claus F. Nielsen, DELTA
Moderator: Morten Løkkegaard, MEP
Anne Sophie Parent, Director, Age Platform Europe
Juan Carlos Castrosin, Investor
Lars Kolind, Chairman of Welfare Tech Region
Thomas Børner, Chairman, PWT Foundation (ABT Fonden), The Danish Ministry of Finance
Rick Cnossen, Chairman of Continua Health Alliance, Intel
Jérôme Arnaud, CEO, Doro


PL2: Industrial view. Is AAL seen as a present or future market for global industry?
Chair: Conference co-chair, Head of office: Thomas Alslev Christensen, Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation

Lars Kolind, Chairman of Welfare Tech Region
Jan Mühlfeit, Chairman of Microsoft Europe
Terry O’shea, Senior Principal Engineer and Lead Technologist, Intel


Coffee break


Parrallel Track-Sessions


Thursday the 16th of September


Parrallel Track-Sessions


Coffee Break in the exhibition hall and Innovation World


PL3: Societal challenges – It is not just about technology:
Chair: Elizabeth Mestheneos, President, AGE Platform Europe

John Beard, Director of the Department of Ageing and Life Course at the World Health Organisation
Meglena Kuneva, Chair of the AAL Interim Evaluation, Former Commissioner of Consumer Protection


Lunch Break


Parrallel Track-Sessions


Coffee Break


Parrallel Track-Sessions


Coffee Break


PL4: Changing the image of ageing?
Chair: AAL Forum Programme Committee Chair: Claus F. Nielsen

Mr & Mrs Bartholomew Hubbleston, Chairman and co-chair of Ageing Well Fellowship Society
Patricia Moore, President MooreDesign Associates LLC.

DJ Ruth Flowers


Bus transportation to hotels


Bus transport from hotels and Main train station to Social event


Social Event at Bramstrup Gods, Competitions, prizes, Local food, entertainment


Friday the 17th of September


Parrallel Track-Sessions




PL5: Technology Empowers People with Disabilities: Today and Tomorrow
AAL Forum Programme Committee Chair: Claus F. Nielsen


Moderator: Radio host, Journalist Henrik Føhns, Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Inventor & Futurist Ray Kurzweil

Only technology can provide the scale to overcome the challenges with which human society has struggled for generations. Within a couple of decades non-biological intelligence will match the range and subtlety of human intelligence and will necessarily soar past it because of the continuing acceleration of information-based technologies, as well as the ability of machines to instantly share their knowledge. Intelligent nanorobots will be deeply integrated in the environment, our bodies and our brains, providing vastly extended longevity, full-immersion virtual reality incorporating all of the senses, experience ‘beaming’, and enhanced human intelligence. These emerging technologies will be a great leveler in eliminating the handicaps associated with sensory and physical disabilities.


AAL Forum 2010 – Official Closing session

Chair: Rafael de Andrés-Medina, Treasurer, AAL Association and JP Executive Board

AAL Forum Butler Participants Monitorering statistics – Kasper Hallenborg, Maersk Institute, University of Southern Denmark
Closing remarks from the AAL Programme Committee Chairs Claus F. Nielsen & Reinhard Goebl

Scott Hill

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YouTube videos on the bio-EMF, mobile phone, and cancer controversy

January 1, 2010
Cindy Sage has posted some interesting videos on bio-EMF on

You can upload your own comments or videos to the site if you have a YouTube login.

I will be commenting on the latest studies from the European Union on cellphones and cancer shortly.

American toy company develops “mind-control” device

January 14, 2009
The American toy company Matell, is ready to release MINDFLEX, a toy

designed to use brainwave filtering output to control a game, where a
ball is levitated by mind power to pass through a hoop. The device
measures the activity of theta waves i the brain, and the output is
used to control the ball…

The toy will be available on the American market from Fall 2009.

Although this is obviously a biofeedback device, it does look like

psychokinesis, when demonstrated in this MSNBC video from th "nightly

news program":

Scott Hill

Frontier Sciences Group

One of the products that slipped through the net in our CES coverage
was a new game from Mattel. Its main difference over other gaming
gadgets is the input method, which consists mainly of using your mind.

Copenhagen Life Festival 2009-2099

December 1, 2008

New Life Copenhagen 2099

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What will life be like in Copenhagen in 2009, 2019 or 2099? This interesting question in "future studies" has been posed by the New Life Copenhagen projekt, starting today (1 Dec 2009) and running until 10 Dec…or maybe until 2099…

The online New Life Festival is sponsored by Copenhagen Crossroads, an organization interested in researching new media, mobility, web social interactions, childrens use of new media, internet, and mobility, and related questions…more details of the project can be found on and the online web-communities and

conference on Quantum Medicine in Copenhagen Sept 2008

June 22, 2008
I will be attending the conference on quantum medicine in Copenhagen in September which will be held at the Royal Hospital and Danish Society for Engineering.  Among speakers are my old friends and colleagues Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp from Germany and Dr. James Oschman from the USA who you can read more about in my book "cycles of heaven" from 1978.


Important note: the program is still being touched-up and is therefore subject to adjustments.

As something new for this conference, we have divided the program into three different sections with each their own focus. They address Quantum Energy Medicine from different angles, whereby you will gain more insight into the depth and width of the spectrum of such an involved subject. We hope too, that this will assist those of you who have specialised areas of interest.

Chairing the event for the three days is Mark Abadi (MSc.).


 On this day, we have presentations by scientists behind the leading edge of discoveries and theories relating to humans (and other beings!) as quantum beings, field theory, communication within the body and between body and field, the power of intention, etc – all relating to health and well-being.





Deep Science

Friday, September 19th



Registration for all participants, coffee and tea, morning rolls



Jef Martinussen (DK): QHS welcome


Mark Abadi: Setting the scene


Dr. Mae-Wan Ho (Radical Biophysicist, Institute of Science in Society, China/UK): "Intentional mobilisation of will-based coherent energy for health purposes: Information and communication within the body and without". Ho takes the audience’s collective breath away with her enthusiasm and integrity. A real painter of how the complexities of biophysics depict the wonders of reality.


Break with refreshments


Dr. James Oschman (Biophysicist and Cell Biologist, Nature’s Own Research Association, USA): "The Living Matrix". One of the first to bring energy medicine to a new reputable standing in the scientific community with his important grounded and de-mystifying explanations that bring an inner smile to those who have known, but may not have neccessarily understood.


Prof. Dr. Fritz Albert Popp (Founder of the International Institute of Biophysics, Germany): "Biophotons, consciousness and the human body". Popp’s discoveries that all living systems emit light have led to many new insights into the link between living quantum processes, communication between and within living systems, consciousness, health and much much more.




Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl (Professor of Power Engineering at Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences, Germany): Neutrino Power and Scalar Waves, "The energy of the earth and life in the biosphere". Seeing this superb physicist demonstrate neutrino power gives a strong argument for the existance of a unified field, where possibilities become endless.


Break with refreshments


Peter Fraser (Australia/UK): "The discovery and mapping of the Human Body-Field". A researcher in a genre of his own, Fraser’s work is at the forefront of energetic and informational medicine. Fraser suggests that a root cause of disease is due to information blockages in the human body-field. He has formulated a system that unites the Chinese meridian system with quantum wave theory. The ramifications are mind-boggling.


Panel discussion: (Preliminary): Dr. Audun Myskja, Prof. Mae Wan Ho, Dr. Jeremy Sherr, Dr. James Oschman                        
Mark Abadi



Mark Abadi: Close






An offering of talks and workshops with presenters who have developed innovative and therapeutic methodologies and devices, working in the areas of quantum, biofeedback and energy medicine.      In the plenary presentations, conference participants will gain clarity as to scientific principles of the technology, its methodology, advantages and disadvantages of treatment, efficacy of treatment in relation to various health issues.





Saturday, September 20th



Registration for new participants, coffee and tea, morning rolls


Mark Abadi: Welcome and review


Dr. Thornton Streeter (Center for Biofield Sciences, UK/India): "Making the human biofield visible – its anatomy and physiology and the impact in its revelation on modern technology". Thornton is a world-renowned expert in the human biofield and is well known for his ability to enthral his listeners with Ah Ha! experiences. After experiencing Thornton’s odyssey of biofields many of your intuitive notions will be confirmed.


Rolf Binder (CTO Ondamed Inc, USA): Inventor of the Ondamed biofeedback system. This successful technology works on the autonomic nervous system in a way that the patient learns to come back to a more balanced state.


Parallel device workshops in classrooms 


Break with refreshments


Victor Sims (World Development Systems, UK), Inventor of the e-Lybra, which analyses imbalances in the bio-field of the client and at the exact same time produces bio-resonance patterns that harmonise these imbalances. Includes live treatment for the whole audience to experience its healing effect.


Parallel device workshops in classrooms


Millimetre Wave (MMW) Therapy, 40 years of research, from Russia with love: Millimetre Wave Therapy and the Cem-Tech Device. Used prolifically nation-wide in Russia by hospitals, veterinarians and other health care professionals for a wide range of healing, balancing, pain-relieving effects and more. Impressively tested and documented.


Mark Abadi: Workshop instructions for after lunch




Parallel device workshops in classrooms


Break with refreshments


Parallel device workshops in classrooms






Mid-program Gala Evening

Saturday September 20th, 19.30


More than networking or meeting your neighbour, this evening kicks off with an experience of group sound healing by Dr. Audun Myskja, specialist doctor and sound therapist. Followed by an organic three-course meal, uplifting entertainment and live music.

By the waterside at the Danish Engineering Society’s Meeting Centre (Ingeniørforeningens Mødecenter), overlooking Copenhagen’s exclusive harbour waterway.

Sign-up is extra to the day-time program.  







From around the world this section presents outstanding practitioners who have developed, applied and are willing to share their best practice in treating specific health problems using quantum and energy medicine approaches.




Best Practice

Sunday, September 21st


Registration for new participants, coffee and tea, morning rolls



Mark Abadi: Welcome and review





Diane O’Connell (UK): "Best practice of practitioner self care". Diane’s therapeutic experience and insight reaffirms and inspires the practitioner’s healthy choices and reminds them of why they began their work in the first place.


Dr. James Oschmann (Biophysicist and Cell Biologist, Nature’s Own Research Association, USA): "Treating trauma with energy medicine". Oschman has impressively drawn from an extraordinary mix of disciplines and areas, even spritiual practices, to highlight the body’s potential which he describes with new theoretical models – satisfyingly understandable and practically useable. Trauma is one area amongst many that Oshman has explored in terms of applications.


Break with refreshments


Jane Lloyd, (Edutherapy, UK): "The Edutherapy Programme: A remote, interactive bioresonance programme to remove the stress that prevents people from achieving their full potential." The Edutherapy programme’s early research data show very significant results which have exciting ramifications for remote (distance) treatment.


Dr. Jeremy Sherr (International Homeopath, Dynamics School, Israel): "Homeopathy for AIDS in Africa: An Energy-Information Treatment." A world renowned homeopath with a global vision that has shown highly impressive potential. This man’s passion has made a marked impact. Sherr explains concepts and mechanisms in a way that all can not only understand, but thoroughly enjoy.




Dr. Audun Myskja (Medical Director at Centre for Life Aid, Norway): "The exciting interface between new research in music and the emerging practice of sound healing". Myskja’s breadth of work in many areas of healing, therapy and treatment is truly impressive. A man with deep integrity and a commitment to intellectual and scientific honesty with regards to empirical measures, so that certain therapies receive the recognition that is long overdue. 


To Be Confirmed 


Break with refreshments


Mark Abadi: Round up, conclusions & farewell


Danish government hosts conference on mobile radiation and health

May 31, 2008
The Danish ministry of science and the European Environment agency have hosted a conference this week iln Copenhagen on the health effects of mobile radiation, including handsets and mobile base station.
I attended the conference, and am in the process of writing a report on the individual experiments and results.  the conference featured researchers from Denmark, Sweden and Germany, as well as grassroots organizations, and a number of international observers, from France, Japan, the USA and other countries.  The official conclusion of the conference is that "these studies did not show any evidence of health hazards of mobile radiation" but this conclusion was contested by several of the grassroots organizations and private researchers.  The Danish government awared 30 million danish kroner to the studes in 2004, which finished in 2007 and have now been published.  You can read the papers in full at the link posted below.

Find below a list of PDF files with project overview and abstracts from the conference Health risks from non-ionizing radiation due to mobile telephony in Copenhagen 27 May 2008.




Download konferenceprogram her …




Opsummering af projekter / project overview – download PDF fil her …

Jørgen Boiden Pedersen – download PDF fil her …

Jens Zimmer – download PDF fil her …

Albert Gjedde abstract – download PDF fil her …

Søren Kjærgaard abstract – download PDF fil her …

Joachim Schüz – download PDF fil her …

Ivar Sønbø abstract – download PDF fil her …

konferencepræsentationer / conference presentations

Peter Elvekjær: Opening of the conference – download …

Niels Kuster: Physical aspects of non-ionizing radiation related to potential biological effectsdownload …

Mats-Olof Mattsson: Biological effects in experimental systemsdownload …

Monica Sandström: Evidence from controlled exposures of human volunteersdownload …

Elisabeth Cardis: Results of international epidemiological collaborationsdownload …

Emilie van Deventer: Research Priorities for RF Fields. A WHO Perspectivedownload …

Jørgen Boiden Pedersen: Possible biological effects of weak static and high frequency magnetic fieldsdownload …

Jens Zimmer Rasmussen: Effects of non-ionizing radiation on neural development and mature braindownload …

Albert Gjedde: PET study of cerebro-metabolic effects of non-ionizing radiation from mobile telephonesdownload …

Søren Kjærgaard: Acute health effects of UMTS antenna radiation exposure in adults and adolescentsdownload …

Joachim Schüz: Epidemiological studies of cancer in relation to mobile phone usedownload …

Ivar Sønbø Kristiansen: Risk perception and risk communicationdownload …

Jørgen Bach Andersen: Experiences as project leaderdownload …

 You can download all of these papers in English here:


hook up your computer to your brain!

February 22, 2008
connect your brain to your computer!
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Category: Web, HTML, Tech

control your computer with brainwaves?

We’ve heard this one before…hook your brainwaves up to an AI computer
interface, cyborgs, and wupti! you can control your computer with
your mind–a favorite subject of SciFi films and books, and often
rumoured in the popular media….

But this time, it was IBM and partners who demonstrated the technique at
the CES computer show in Las Vegas, which I have just watched on a video

Emotiv systems based in the USA, has developed a headset for this
purpose (don’t worry, you don’t have to drill holes in your skull to
make the connection, like in Matrix!)
and has actually demonstrated the device…

And if you are a software developer and live in the San Francisco area,
you can actually try it for free!

I would suggest you view the podcast and look at the documentation,
before commenting on this post! If you are a software developer, the
Emotiv SDK is available for download also…


press release from Emotiv:

Emotiv Systems was founded in 2003 by four award-winning scientists and
executives: internationally recognized neuroscientist Professor Allan
Snyder, chip-design pioneer Neil Weste, and technology entrepreneurs Tan
Le and Nam Do. These founders all shared the same inspiring vision: to
introduce the immediacy of thought to the human-machine dialogue.
Together they have developed a technology that utterly transforms the
way we interact with computers.

While Emotiv is currently focusing on the electronic gaming industry,
the applications for the Emotiv EPOC– technology and interface span
an amazing variety of potential industries — interactive television,
accessibility design, market research, medicine, even security. Plans
for introducing Emotiv into these and other broad realms are already in
the works.

It’s an ambitious plan, and to back it up, Emotiv has assembled an
outstanding group of people for its Board
, Advisors
, and Staff


Communication between human and machine has always been limited to
conscious interaction, with non-conscious communication — expression,
intuition, perception — reserved solely for the human realm. At Emotiv,
we believe that future communication between human and machine will not
be limited to the conscious communication that exists today. Users will
demand that non-conscious communication play a much more significant

Our mission is to create the ultimate interface for the next-generation
of human-machine interaction, by evolving the interaction between humans
and electronic devices beyond the limitations of conscious interface.
Emotiv has created technologies that allow machines to take both
conscious and non-conscious inputs directly from your mind.

Applications for Emotiv technology spans numerous industries, however,
our immediate target market is entertainment, with a focus on the
electronic games industry.

Emotiv is committed to enabling all developers. We offer a range of
licensed Software Development Kit (SDK) solutions that fit the needs of
all, from large publishers to the independent startup.

The Emotiv SDK gives developers unparalleled access to a user’s mind.
The Emotiv EPOC– platform showcases the latest advancements in
Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) neuro-technology.

The Affectiv– suite
measures discreet
emotional states.
The Cognitiv– suite
detects conscious
The Expressiv– suite
can identify facial
expressions in real-time.

Each of the detection suites in the Emotiv SDK enables development of
revolutionary interface experiences and a new level of user immersion in
software. A beta-version of the Emotiv SDK
will be available to
developers from March 2008.

Emotiv will also offer a hardware emulator SDK. SDKLite–
exposes our APIs and provides
a comprehensive development environment without the neuroheadset
hardware of the complete Emotiv SDK.

What’s New
Emotiv EPOC– Beta
Evaluators Needed :
Are you ready to experience the bleeding-edge of gaming? Emotiv is
looking for a few good Beta Evaluators to help us fine tune our
revolutionary product. Be the first to experience the interactivity of
the Emotiv EPOC neuroheadset! As extra incentive, participants who fully
complete a documented evaluation session will be granted a significant
discount on their early edition direct-to-consumer Emotiv EPOC
neuroheadset kit.

Sessions will be conducted in March and April 2008 in the Emotiv offices
located in San Francisco, California. These sessions generally involve
non-invasive product usability testing and brainwave recordings. Each
session will be approximately 1 hour (we also require you to arrive 15
minutes before the session start time).

If you are interested, send Emotiv an email to: betatest (at)
with the following information:
* + First and Last Name
* + Age
* + Gender
* + Phone Number
* + Email Address
* + Full Mailing Address (Street, City, State, Zip)
* + Occupation
* + Hat size (if known, otherwise a subjective head size:
extra-small, small, medium, large, extra-large)
* + Dates that are you available in March and April 2008
* + Preferred time of day to participate (morning / afternoon /
* + Are you a regular gamer?
* + Have you participated in product beta testing or usability
testing before?
* + Tell us something interesting about yourself that would make you
the ideal "Emotivated" candidate!
An Emotiv representative will contact you if you have been selected for
the Beta Evaluations.

Please note, incomplete submissions will NOT be considered. You must be
18 or older to participate and will be required to sign Non-Disclosure
and Beta Evaluator Agreements.

email Emotiv…
Emotiv Consumer Product – Launch Event
On Tuesday 19th February 2008, we will unveil the world’s first consumer
brain computer interface in an exclusive event jointly hosted by CMP
and Emotiv. A limited number of passes will be
available to developers
to attend this history making event. For more information please see our
Events page .

Game Developer Conference 2008 :
After making waves at GDC 2007 with the alpha version of the Emotiv
neuroheadset, we are going to take it to another level at GDC 2008
. Developers will be able to try first-hand our
beta neuroheadset and SDK at
our Booth . In addition, we
will be presenting on the latest neuro-technologies and its application
for the games industry.

Coverage Video :
Video highlites of Emotiv’s press coverage during GDC 2007

This is an article I posted last year on my blog, for comparison

— In, Scott_Hill@… wrote:
> Brainball and Brainpong, biofeedback meets PC-gaming
> by Scott Hill
> Copenhagen 2.12.2001
> Scott_Hill@…
> An interactive expo–NIC2001– opening today in Copenhagen’s Bella
> center presents a number of new interactive hardward and software
> projects. From Sweden’s Interactive Institute
> (
> 2 players can
> play "Brainball", where they use their brainwave activity to "move" a
> ball back and forth. Using electrodes fastened to their heads
> the alpha wave frequency spectrum is measured, and the less alpha
> activity (perhaps related to greater relaxation), the
> longer the player can move his ball towards his opponent. According
> to Interactive Institute:
> "Brainball (is) the game where you score goals with your brain.
> Brainball is a new party game devised by elite Swedish
> interdisciplinary researchers. The rules are simple: the player with
> the least brain activity wins, the stressed, thinking opponent loses.
> Biosensors connected to the brains of the players
> read alpha and theta waves which guide a ball bearing over a playing
> board towards the opposing goal. Brainball came about
> as part of a project involving co-operation between artists,
> engineers and designers at the Interactive Institute."
> The game can be downloaded free from the Interactive Institue
> website. "This game is radically different from other games, which
> typically reward agressive behavior" says Bengt Larsson from
> Interactive, "If you think too much about winning, you lose!" he says.
> The ball is controlled by magnetic fields, run by the output from the
> brainwave machine.
> Another brain-mind-PC games has been developed by som finnish art
> students from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki.
> (
> They revived the "computer stoneage game" Pong in a radical new form.
> In the new version, the screen image is projected onto a
> horizontal plane (f.eks. a table). Inside the projector is also a
> camera, which catches hand movements which are made over the
> screen display, so they can send "a virtual ball" back and forth
> between their hands.

frontier sciences in the news!

February 11, 2008
The frontier sciences group is in the news–at least on the web–nearly every week. Since it is very difficult to do comprehensive searches every day to see who has picked up on our blogs, posted articles, printed articles, etc. I have done the natural thing, and created an "intelligen agent" to automatically do the work for me!!

Every week, I get an "alert" from various search engines about who has posted, commented, or picked up on our stuff, so here is this weeks alert from Google:


Google Alert – "frontier sciences"

Google Blogs Alert for: "frontier sciences"

free WiFi network for "wireless social hippies"?
By andy black(andy black)
FREE for wireless hippies! posted today on the frontier sciences network and the mobile monday network Free WiFi network for "social hippies"? af Scott Hill, 7. feb 10:14 the Finnish company Saunalahti announces ’Wippies’ (from …
Andys Black Hole –

Danish cancer society admits US radar may cause cancer
By Scott Hill biophysicist frontier sciences group Copenhagen The Danish cancer society,, has finally admitted that Danish military personnel in Denmark and Greenland, among other places, …
frontiersciences –

Evidence of the Paradigm Shift – by Franci Prowse
By African Rose(African Rose)
Rubik is the founding director of the Center for Frontier Sciences at Temple University, Philadelphia. This article was adapted by Christian de Quincey from Dr. Rubik’s presentation at the Heart of Healing conference. …
African Rose – I ruminate therefore… –

Google Web Alert for: "frontier sciences"

Temple University home page
The Mid-Atlantic Laboratory for Student Success (LSS), one of ten Regional Educational Laboratories (RELs) funded by the US Department of Education to …

Here is this weeks search from Miscrosofts new Live search engine ( of which live spaces is a part:



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TV 2 Blog – HVAD ER FRONTIER SCIENCES? – frontier sciences mobilblog

Torsdag, 12. juli 2007 kl. 13:10 / internet frontier sciences mobilblog 1 kommentar | Rapportér/anmeld | Send til en ven Jeg ha oprettet en mobilblog på frontiersciences for at …
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This is the homepage of the Frontier Sciences European Network, with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our Research director is Scott Hill, an American Scientist living in …
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… på TV2-bloggen på: eller fra min englesk-sprogede blog på MSN spaces og!
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Computerworld – TeliaSonera på vej med mobil browser med reklamer

fra frontiersciences microblog på: channel: #MoMoCopenhagen
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Computerworld – TeliaSonera på vej med mobil browser med reklamer

fra frontiersciences microblog på: channel: #MoMoCopenhagen
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Einsteins teori om rumtidens krumning bevist | Ingeniøren

… fysikverden idag da 2 tyske fysiker fra Koblenz Uni påstår at de har brudt lysets hastigheds rekord!! Du kan læse mere på min frontier sciences blog på: http://frontiersciences
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Solution of n-Queen problem by GA

Graduate School of FrontierSciences. The University of Tokyo. Japan. Email: topon@ibalab …
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